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Building a Better Tomorrow

Neasa MacErlean,

From making biofuels out of algae to producing concrete that absorbs carbon dioxide, our comprehensive has it all on the sectors, businesses and ideas at the forefront of the clean technonlogy revolution.

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The Top 100 People in Bioenergy

Jim Lane, Biofuels Digest

In Florida, US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack headed the "Top 100 People in Bioenergy" as voted by the readers of Biofuels Digest and the Digest's editors, just edging out POET CEO Jeff Broin and a trio of Brazilian bioenergy leaders at UNICA, Cosan and Petrobras.  In total, industry executives from a dozen countries made the list.

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Teague open house to highlight biofuel

Sun-News Report

LAS CRUCES - U.S. Rep. Harry Teague will host a community open house event noon to 2 p.m. Monday at the Doña Ana Community College Workforce Center, 2345 E. Nevada St., to highlight the potential of biofuel production as well as job and business opportunities in the industry.

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U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels

Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times

With insurgents increasingly attacking the American fuel supply convoys that lumber across the Khyber Pass into Afghanistan, the military is pushing aggressively to develop, test and deploy renewable energy to decrease its need to transport fossil fuels.

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Key Vote in US House Moves Forward Algae Biofuels

John Davis, Domestic Fuel

A key vote in the U.S. House of Representatives has moved forward a measure that will help the nation’s algae biofuels industry.

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A Big (Tax) Break for Algae Fuel Makers

Ucilia Wang, Gigaom

Although algae fuel is likely decades from powering our vehicles, federal lawmakers already are focusing on tax breaks for companies in the field. Just yesterday the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4168 that gives $1.01 per gallon of production tax credit to algae fuel producers.

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Green Crude Is The New Gold

Peggy Pico, KPBS

— “Green Crude” was named one of the best inventions by Time Magazine. The green fuel is made by Sapphire Energy in San Diego, and it doesn’t need fresh water or farm land to grow.

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The Navy Calls for More Algae Fuel

Michael Kanellos, Greentech Media

Solazyme to deliver 150,000 more gallons of algae fuel.

It works, apparently.

The U.S. Navy has signed a deal to get 150,000 gallons of algae fuel from Solazyme. A year ago, Solazyme signed a deal with the Navy to deliver 20,000 gallons of HRF-76 Naval Distillate. It has fulfilled that contract, so this new deal can be seen as a sign that the Navy is happy with the results. The fuel meets the Navy's specifications for a drop-in renewable replacement, says Solazyme.

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Our view: Tough times now, but hope on the horizon

Sun-News report

On a day set aside to honor the American worker, we spare a thought for those who have been unable to find work in what has become the most difficult job market since the Great Depression.

In September 2008, the collapse of the investment bank Lehman Bros. Holdings Inc. triggered a one-day loss of 504 points in the Dow Jones industrial average, and exposed a weakness that had spread throughout our financial markets. A recession greater than anything we've faced in decades soon followed.

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Sapphire Energy Named One of the Five Major Biofuels Companies Around the World

Andrea Marino, EnergyDigital

As the biofuels industry advances forward and grows globally, here is a look at five of its major players from around the world

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